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Since 2005, I created four shows with the Acronote Company in order to develop a cultural offer of proximity-based multidisciplinary performing arts - theater, music, dance, circus arts and visual arts - to facilitate the understanding of and the access to the sometimes reserved areas of distant cultures. I would like my shows to be available all over the world.

My interest in these forms of communication without words gave me the desire to explore their combinations, in a quest for a language of bodies, pictures and sounds.

This exploration is not based only on the synchronization of forms, it also seeks to highlight the similarities between aspects of sound, rhythm and visuals. Body movement becomes the body and vocal sound: breath, laughing, crying, whispers, screams, footsteps, feet and hands touching the floor.

Sonic expressions and body movements arise spontaneously from the most diverse actions: blowing, jumping, twisting, pushing, hitting, playing. The dancers develop this new language and able to be understood by the public. Through this approach I try to educate audience of al ages, and to introduce them to another world where sounds, movements and colors mingle in a common space.

The body movements, the scenic objects and the music produced by a combination of traditional instruments and invented ones generate a common design in multimedia and provide the necessary impetus for improvisation. All these elements constitute the alphabet of our language on stage.

Obviously, the success of this creation depends mainly on the performing artists, dancers, acrobats, musicians and actors, and their interactions with the other presences on stage, a prepared and amplified piano as well as other music instruments,  purpose-made and traditional ones.



Madame Luciole






Jongle-Jingle-Jangle (2012)

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